January 5th, 2004

Serene or contemplative

Continuing to try to get back into a routine

Today I actually managed to do most of what I was supposed to -- laundry, tidying up, and random stuff. I still need to clean out the litterboxes and take down the Christmas lights in the kitties' rooms, but I got the garland off of the back porch earlier today. I also went through, read and signed way too much mortgage paperwork, and did time at Kitty City. Things were a bit better today; Pippin was less freaked and Keo actually came down and asked to be petted. She's a Siamese cross and has the most gorgeous blue eyes -- they remind me of Andy's, actually. Darryl was being completely unfair; first he sat on my shoulder, then crawled into my lap, flipped over onto his back, and fell asleep.

Andy managed to wrestle with our gallery such that he could actually upload pictures of the house in progress. For those just joining us, here are the floor plans. Actual pictures will now be living here. I got a call from Pam and Susan today; the plumbing rough-in is scheduled for Wednesday, after which the city will have to do an inspection. Once that is done they pour the slab. Apparently as well as Pam's Palm Pilot checklist updating our house's page automagically they will also be calling to update every week. Squee!

On a completely random note: does anyone have access to really old copies of Dragon magazine, like pre-1992? Or, since they seem to have an archive of a bunch of earlier issues on a CD, does anyone have that? If "yes" to either, please let me know if you'd be willing to do some research for me.