January 4th, 2004


Trying to re-establish routine

Today I got to KC at about 15:15. The volunteers who clean on Sunday were still there. They were riling up the cats something awful; I think one or the other was clawed and hissed at by every cat there. After they finally left it took about half an hour before I could approach any of the kitties. I've never seen them do that before -- I wonder if I've just been missing it, or if maybe they inhaled too much bleach today or something. At any rate, Pippin played shoulder kitten and "hide behind the Cat" kitten and let me pet him a bunch, plus a few times he didn't hiss at other cats.

After Clark's closed I headed over to Whole Foods to do the weekly grocery shopping. It was about half-again as expensive as usual because it was, in a lot of ways, a staple run. Our refrigerator once again looks like people live here rather than, say, some robots who use dairy in place of oil. On impulse I got some cod and chips and Andy made a salad, and we had a surprisingly good dinner. The fries were a bit overdone, and I've suspected our oven runs hot. They were supposed to bake for 20-25, and the cod for 9-10 minutes, flip, and 9-10 minutes more. I did the 9 minutes both times which means 18 minutes, and the fries were on the "just shy of burnt" side.

I also got the sheets changed and our bath towels washed, which I try to do every Sunday. I didn't get Thena's album fixed because I suddenly got the idea that it might be wise to back it up before I go trying to work with code. Oh well, I'm going to (once again) try to start getting to bed before Andy's asleep, so off I go.