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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004

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Today we went and visited our lot. The stemwall is up now and we got pictures. We also got two pictures, one of our house's color and one of the same model house as we will be getting. In fact, it's the house we walked through which convinced us we really wanted that floor plan. I'm not sure when they'll be up, but I'll post a pointer to them when they are.

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I pretty much let everything in the refrigerator be used up before we left for the holidays, so right now we have a water pitcher, things like catsup and dressings, a few sticks of butter, and not much else. After KC I made a quick run to Whole Foods for something to keep us until tomorrow. Since KC closes at 5 I can do a full grocery run without it getting too late. Anyway, I got garlic-herb marinated chicken for Andy, teriyaki-marinated chicken for me, and some produce. When I got home I made myself some rice and Andy a huge salad, breaded his chicken and cooked both pieces, then dumped Andy's chicken on the big salad and mine on the rice. I also made us both a simple fruit salad his parents are fond of; oranges and bananas, and I had a smaller lettuce salad. I had gotten Irish bleu cheese at Whole Foods and crumbled it onto Andy's salad, and Andy discovered that a little goes a long way. Oopsie.

Afterward I worked on the gallery, Andy folded his most recent project, and we watched the Bugs Bunny DVD we got a while back. I originally set it to play all, but he got tired about halfway through, so we'll need to catch the last half some other time. I kept working on the gallery, but I had to stop when it freaked out and lost two albums plus wiped a third. I did get all but one of the staging area pictures filed, though, and I have some semblance of an album for Heidi, finally.

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