January 2nd, 2004


In Brief

Today we mostly tried to settle back in. I've discovered that I was in the thick air for too long; I've been having trouble on and off with breathing. I think part of it was that when we drove up our bodies sort of had time to adjust to the altitude, but flying in was just a sharp jump up.

Heidi still needs to learn not to bite noses. Gail actually cuddled up with Andy and me overnight and today. I wish she'd do it more often, but it's so sweet when she does that it makes the non-cuddly times worth it. The PACA kitties will be returning to the renovated city tomorrow.

We saw RotK again -- finally, a plan which worked out. We actually arrived separately from echoweaver and co, but found them due to a fortunate trip to the snack bar on her husband's part. Oh, and I've been meaning to post this link since I first saw it: the second summary done by Lemonlye, now known as mollyringwraith: RotK as it should have been. I hope she goes back and retroactively does FotR, and maybe the extended versions, and and and...

We got mail from Tom and Emily. Granddad is doing better and is becoming quite the celebrity with his good-natured joshing of hospital staff. He'll have to stay for a while due to tricky antibiotics administration issues, but his tubes are working again and he's in far less pain.