Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The Yard

Yesterday and today we had contractors come in and look at our yard. While it isn't that big, or perhaps because it isn't that big, it is being overwhelmed with the shrubbery. Our chitalpa (I was calling it a catalpa, but it is apparently a cross-bred tree between catalpa and another, possibly desert willow?) is also seriously encroaching on our driveway and in our courtyard.

Both guys really sounded like they know what they're doing. One of them is specifically a tree doc, but he'd be willing to prune the roses and such as well. The other one does residential landscaping and maintenance. My impulse is to go with the arborist for the chitalpa and the landscaper for the rest.

We got a spoken estimate from the landscapers, though they charge for written estimates (the charge is deducted from the yardwork if you end up having it done with their company). We're waiting on the estimate from the arborist. Hopefully once we have both in hand we can get things rolling so they're done within the window for spring plant care.
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