Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Hurry Up and Wait

The subject line refers to the sum total of what I can do now with regards to college. I can't register dorm preferences until April 13th and I can't register for classes until May 4th. My adviser won't get my folder until late April. The only variable now is when the check I'm sending out tomorrow (a Saturday, so they can't attempt to deliver it on Saturday) will arrive. The check is a room deposit, so that I can put in my dorm preference on the first day possible (first minutes possible, if I can help it).

I just need to keep reminding myself that even though I can't do anything more at the moment, that the truly important stuff is done. My credits didn't expire, I was accepted, and I heard from the head of the Gen Ed department himself that I only need one course to finish up that portion of my education. Even if the courses I need for my major and minor fill up, I'll have someone who can help me figure out some alternative. And even if I don't get the dorm I want, at least I'll be back in Oswego.
Tags: oswego
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