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Post Office Fail

Despite having marked the "Do not deliver on Saturday or holiday" box, the post office attempted delivery today. I called to see if I could schedule the redelivery myself and she apologized about the mistake, but said that USPS rules are that the recipient and only the recipient can do so. Requests for same day redelivery must be made by 2am local time, and the office is closed until 9am on Monday. I don't know if they will send someone to pick it up or if it will be delayed until Tuesday.

Unfortunately the registration cycle is started upon receipt of the deposit, and I can't do anything until they get it. In the long run one day probably will not result in the end of the world, but things like dorm room assignments are based on when the housing deposit is received, and I can't make the housing deposit until the registration process is triggered. The deadline for the housing deposit is March 27th, so I'm a little antsy about timing.
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