Cat (willowisp) wrote,


Once again I am extremely impressed with the USPS. I sent the application to Oswego on Friday via priority mail, and it arrived first thing in the morning on Monday. I'm not so impressed with the USPS email updates, however. It was just sheer jitteriness on my part which led me to check today, not any email I received.

I hope Oswego gets the transcript soonish. I faxed in the request late Thursday night/early Friday morning, and although they'll not be sending it priority, the driving time from SUNY IT to SUNY Oswego is a leisurely 2 hours or so. SUNY IT has my phone number and hasn't called to say anything was awry, so hopefully it was sent Friday or Monday.

Now I just have to wait for the letter to arrive from Oswego. Suffice it to say that between Andy and me, our mailbox is going to be closely watched until it arrives.
Tags: oswego
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