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Post Office GPA: 3.9

Holy cow! I talked to the person from the registrar's office on Monday, afternoon her time. I got the readmission form in the mail today. They got the last snail-mail from Oswego to me pretty quickly as well. Now let's see if I've just jinxed myself.

The application was super easy and partially filled in. All I needed to give them was my name, address, last yer attended, year applying for, and major applying for. If I'd been kicked out it would have been a little more painful, but I left on academic warning.

One other thing I had to answer, however, was if I'd attended school between Oswego and now, and if so, provide a transcript. Unfortunately I did; one semester at a local institute of technology. If I crashed and burned my last two semesters in Oswego, then the best way to describe my semester at SUNY IT would involve a college-sized meteor and a napalm factory.

It was seriously tempting to just omit the bit about SUNY IT, but I hate lying. That, and then I'd spend the rest of my life worried they'd somehow find out. At any rate it's too late now; I faxed in a request for my SUNY IT transcript to be sent to Oswego and in my cover letter I included that I'd sent the request.

Tomorrow I send out the application via priority mail, signature requested, and I've already printed out the label. I'm just going to hope they ask for more information before rejecting me and/or that they have some sort of appeal process if they don't.

Andy says that looking at my transcript, it's obvious that all hell broke loose at that time in my life. I went from a solid B average (including two semesters on the dean's list) to academic warning, and that from that angle, the SUNY IT bit won't hurt me too much. I hope he's correct and Oswego just re-accepts me.
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