Cat (willowisp) wrote,

PIN Arrived

The PIN for my Oswego account arrived tody. Unfortunately the online records don't go back quite far enough, so I faxed in a transcript request. I've printed out requirements for an English degree as well as the requirements for an English certification for secondary ed (since secondary ed was one half of my double-major), and there is a lot of overlap. Hopefully the courses haven't changed much; or rather, hopefully they still have the same names and course numbers as they did back then.

Secondary ed will be a bust; the woman who sent the first email noted that none of the courses I took are still valid. Theatre, the other half of my major, might still be an option, but it's a little complicated. In order to graduate I would need a course which is a catch-all for being in performances or working backstage. I know I did backstage work there, but I don't know if I asked for any of it to be credited academically. If I did I would need to attend at least one semester to do a senior project. If I didn't, I might need to attend multiple semesters to get all the practicals under my belt. I have no idea how long they keep records for, or if I could retroactively get credit for work done so long ago.

Apropos of nothing -- amusing factoid: Albuquerque is in the LJ spell check, but Oswego is not.
Tags: oswego
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