Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Taking a Plunge

I took undergrad courses at the State University of New York (SUNY) college at Oswego immediately following high school, but when I left it was not as a graduate. The reasons were complicated but included the major changing out from under me with no grandfather clauses, as well as personal issues. Although I could not have graduated with my original major in four years, I was very close to qualifying for a major in my concentration area. Very close in terms of one or two courses. I have, through the years, varied between not caring, beating on myself for not managing those one or two courses, and desperately wanting to finish my degree, preferably at SUNY Oswego.

Last night I was very intensely into the third phase. I had all but given up hope of getting a degree, however, because I'd heard that university credits expire, and I was almost certainly outside of that expiration period. I decided, though, that this time I was going to confirm that I was for once and for all. I sent off an email asking about expiration and included my maiden name as well as my current one.

Early this morning (they're two hours ahead of us) I received a reply. Oswego credits don't expire. The woman had also dug up my student number -- for once I can be grateful that my maiden name was so, um, unique. If unique means hard to pronounce and even harder to spell, that is. She also gave me a URL for a page where I could see what courses I had taken, and compare them to a college catalog to see what I might salvage in order to graduate, either with one of my original double majors or my concentration.

At that point I hit my second roadblock (the first being getting up the nerve to send the email in the first place); the password she gave me, a standard "identifying-information-change-immediately" type, didn't work. Her email and the page help said to contact the registrar, so I did. I spoke with a very confused woman who said they didn't use that password system any more, and she eventually decided she needed to escalate to her supervisor. As it is now 16:30 mountain and they close at 16:30 eastern, I suspect I won't be receiving the callback today.

My guess, upon checking the URL out more thoroughly, is that it is for existing students only. It's only a guess, though.

If I'm correct, my next step is easy enough: request a transcript and compare it to the catalog. It will take a little while longer and cost a token amount (I was pleasantly surprised at how "token" it is), but I've already put this off for nigh on sixteen years, so a few days will not be that big a deal. If I'm not correct, things could get interesting, but that's what LJ is for.
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