Cat (willowisp) wrote,

FedEx: Almost Epic Fail (Revised)

A while ago I ordered a dress from Museum Replicas. As it was a closeout it was in-stock and shipped immediately via FedEx Home Delivery (probably ™). It was delivered Thursday of last week.

Edit: I got another shipment from them today. The sender really mangled my street name. Using the example in the cut, Smith would have been Symthor.

I happened to refresh the page fifteen minutes after the ostensible delivery, and I immediately checked outside. No package. I called FedEx, and the person who answered said the driver had left it "under the doormat". When I expressed my doubts that it would fit, she noted it was only 2 lbs +/-, which I'm guessing must be some flat minimum? She did set up a tracer, and a woman called later that day, saying she'd talked to the driver and he said he left it under the doormat. When I noted I was at home at the time and the doorbell hadn't been rung, she said she'd look into it further. I also mentioned that our house number (but not street) is shared by at least one other house in our development; eg 12345 Smith St and 12345 Jones Rd.

Anyway, I called Museum Replicas on Wednesday of this week in case they could light a fire under FedEx. They put their own tracer on and said they would get back to me in a week. Fast forward to today, when the doorbell rang. I thought it was one of our usual anime guests here a bit early, but it was a person I'd never met and a very cute little girl.

He was carrying a package and asked if it was mine. Sure enough, it was from Museum Replicas. He was the neighbor who shares my house number, and he says he called FedEx twice and asked them to come get this package which clearly wasn't his. I thanked him profusely and wished him happy holidays.

I couldn't call Museum Replicas because they're open 10-6pm eastern, and it was nearly 6:30 mountain. I'll ring them tomorrow with the news. Meanwhile, callicrates and I are just boggling over FedEx's comedy of errors, especially when I told them about the shared house number and the person from said shared house number called them twice telling them he had a package which wasn't his.
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