Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I won't be whining so much today. I got a lot of good pictures this morning; neither Mom's cat nor my cousin's two year-old son hit me unprovoked (the latter did yesterday); and I apparently got more sleep last night. I've also come to a new appreciation for my connection at home during this trip. I had a lot of time alone today while Mom went to play some cards with friends, so the time with Andy was also nice. I can't wait to get home and hug the stuffing out of him, though.

Since the day was mostly quiet there's not much to write. While playing around on eBay today after last night's possible aurora encounter (every month or so I go on a wild photo-finding spree, be it for auroras or trillium or waterfalls or any other number of pretty things), I found some really gorgeous stuff. If you like auroras and are a closet amateur astronomer, check out this picture of Hale-Bopp against a backwash of some green lights. And, for some other pictures of the comet plus lights, follow this link. Watch out for the ferret shock, though.

That's about all for now. I've mostly packed, and I go home tomorrow! Yay, hugging Andy and playing with kitties and hugging the stuffing out of all three (or the squeak out of Gail). I already confirmed that nothing has changed about the flights (you have to do that if you're using ff miles for the flight), and as long as I don't get bumped and the flights are on time I'll be seeing Andy in 19 hours or so.
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