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Thena Dream

I had my first Thena dream since she died. There was some other stuff going on, but the important part started when Andy walked in, holding the Foo. I said "Thena?", and he said "It's a year before she died", then handed her over to me. We both petted her while she thunderpurred. I don't remember why, but I put her down and she scampered off. I went to pick her up again and she was gone. Andy and I (and some other people in the dream whom I knew but whom I don't know while awake) called and called her and even went looking, but she was gone.

When I woke up Heidi (AKA Nose Bandit) was sitting on my legs. As soon as she saw I was awake she came up to me and began licking my nose. She let me cuddle her like a teddy bear, something she doesn't do often, for as long as I let her groom me. Oh, and she too was purring her furry little throat out.
Tags: heidi, thena
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