Cat (willowisp) wrote,

More Cruise Stuff (Mostly)

55 days until it begins. I'm actually not counting yet, but the cruise site is. So Andy and I have been reconsidering the dolphin swim. Not whether to go at all, but which one to try. Technically we could do both, but we agree that it would be a bit too much for one day.

The option we're going with right now is what I imagine is a water park; controlled situation with half hour guaranteed/enforced swim time. The other plan is in the open ocean. The more I think about it the more I'd like to try the ocean trip, but Andy and I both have the same concern; that the dolphins will no-show. Does anyone who's done ocean swims know how likely that is? I have this silly image of cruise ships bringing along gourmet fish to ensure someone shows, but in all seriousness, these are very intelligent animals who may just want to do something else that day. I did, for the record, write to ask the cruise line if it has any policy in case the dolphins skip out.

And, a couple more camera questions: for those who've had bad experiences with portables, what brand/type were you using? If anyone has had particularly good experiences, what brand/type were you using? For those who have underwater cases, is there a brand you recommend? I'm not sure one of those will work for Andy's and my camera since the model name is not listed in any which actually list models, including Canon itself (ours is an S45) [Edit: I found a case by Canon for our camera. Reviews are dismal]. Finally, for those who currently have underwater cameras proper, would you be willing to lend them to Andy and me for a week? ;) Or, if someone who reads this is looking to sell an underwater camera, please let callicrates or me know.

In other news, life is currently in a steady state. Heidi and Sean are still way too cute for our own good. Andy has been getting me a rose every Saturday -- I could get used to this very quickly. Some of our friends in Albuquerque will be absent soon, but all for exciting reasons: echoweaver and hubby are going to Europe for a year's sabbatical, and lowapproach is going to law school. So, we'll miss them, but we're happy for them as well. That's pretty much all.
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