Cat (willowisp) wrote,

This is going to be quick, since despite my cunning manipulation of time, it's almost 1am. Kim and Jeff got here about an hour ago and went on up to Grandpa's. Kim is highly allergic to cats, so we decided it was the best way. All of the others just arrived, and Aunt Eileen and Chuck, her husband, will be sleeping in the computer room, so I need to be off before they go to bed.

Justin is so tiny! He's not yet six pounds, so he's smaller at a month than Danielle was at fifteen days. We can't wait to see him up next to four day-old CJ, who is nine pounds something ounces (heavier than Danielle). I helped bring things in from the car so I don't feel too guilty as I listen to them inflate beds and such.

Tomorrow we will be visiting Grandpa for most of the day, I think. Pamela will be coming to visit, and I think Dave will, too. Maybe I should recharge the camera's battery tonight even if it isn't yet exhausted. I'll try to pop on earlier tomorrow to do a full entry, but it might not happen.
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