Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Unwell Hubby

After callicrates and I got home from a very enjoyable day of scaring (and slaughtering, in the case of some bad guys) people in Victorian England, he settled in to work from home and help a friend with computer problems. A few hours later he said he hoped he wouldn't be sick since he'd been nauseous since arriving home. This was followed by the sound of him retching about five minutes later.

I made an emergency run to the store (our local 24 hour Walgreen's is no longer 24 hours, alas) for some 7-up and anti-nausea medication before he went to sleep. The latter did not, unfortunately, help very much; he was up again at some obscene hour. His body is sending him mixed messages save for one: no solid food yet.

I'll be heading out later to pick up (at his request) some really good organic soda crackers (Saltines, but better). He's also asked for Gator Aide or something similar. Does anyone know if organic stores sell a nominal equivalent and, if so, where I might look, or will I need to go to a bad-for-you grocery store?

Right now he's sleeping again. I've made lime gelatin cubes for him and giving him 7-Up to keep him hydrated. It's not caffeinated, so I'm hoping there's no diuretic effect. Oddly enough, when Andy suffers this type of problem he cannot hold down any liquid except 7-Up. Even plain water sets him off.

More updates as events warrant.
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