Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Noia Beat Me Up

For those not following callicrates' journal, our trip to upstate NY to visit my mom and sister was, unfortunately, not boring and routine. The short form is that our destination at some point went from Syracuse to Vancouver, at least according to the airline booking software. We're not sure exactly where all our luggage went, but it arrived around 20:00 local time and was delivered at about 03:00 this morning, local time. And there was much rejoicing.

Luckily mom and my little sister (who will probably want me to tell everyone that she is taller than I am) were at the airport to pick us up, and Pamela had made some comfort food for us. She also let us use her washer and dryer after we slept in our clothes the first night.

Yesterday we went to our favorite leaf-viewing site and Andy got a bunch of gorgeous pictures. We had excellent pizza for dinner and it almost seemed like mom's cat. Noia, wasn't going to beat me up for once, which would have discomforted me quite a bit. However, apparently I stepped in her space a little later and a beating was attained. Since this she's actually let me pet her a few times and almost climbed into my lap last night while we waited for the luggage.

Tonight we plan on going out with some old friends of mine who've heard plenty about Andy but never met him. I had hoped to do a nostalgic night of mini-golf and eating donuts on the top floor of the parking garage, but the weather is not cooperating. It's not raining but it certainly could, and unlike NC or NM threatening clouds are like as not to drop their payload.

Tomorrow some relatives are coming over, including Pamela again. A couple of her small gifts (I gave her a family necklace I made and mom a star sapphire necklace I made, but those I had carried with me) were in the luggage, including a shirt which says "Sisters: Emotional Tech Support" and another which says "My sister has the best sister in the world". I got myself a copy of the former in short sleeves; I'm hoping she'll comment on it and then I can give her the sweatshirt version.

Otherwise things are quiet; Andy has been chipping away at Time-Warner induced problems on my mom's computer and I got her Firefox to work and put on some add-ons. I'm also not sure why, but a couple of things she was having problems with suddenly started working once I opened them in Firefox. Noia hasn't beaten me up today and we finally have luggage, so I'm counting it as a win.
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