Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I now have two more thoroughly uneventful plane rides under my belt, and I'm thanking whatever higher power wants to take credit. Mom was there, though it took me a bit to see her due to a guy in a huge car parked between my line-of-sight and her car, but since the plane was early and my checked pillows came up fairly quickly, I was still in her car before the plane was supposed to land. We went to my sister's place and were fed yummy ziti using rice noodles. Pamela's SO, Dave, and her housemate both said they couldn't tell the difference between the rice and normal noodles. As a side note, I can't wait for Andy to meet Dave.

It turns out I won't just be seeing my NY-based relatives plus Kim and Aunt Eileen. The whole Maryland contingent (except for my cousin Meri's husband) will be here. Kim and her SO and Justin will be staying with Grandpa, while Aunt Eileen, her husband, and her two younger daughters plus Meri's two year-old and Sandy's SO (confused yet?) will be staying here. It's a good thing Andy convinced me that shipping the pillows would be ok, in retrospect. Dave also has a ton of sleeping bags and pillows and a cot which he lent us. He lives alone, but always keeps stuff around just in case.

Noia hasn't hit me yet and even purred briefly when I gave her a "hello" scritch. Bandit is as dumb and sweet as ever. Aside from Mom selling her living room set not two days ago (before we discovered that the whole entourage was coming), not much has changed here. Although this was a bad year for apples (sniffle) it was a great one for corn, so I'll probably be darning myself to heck by eating it every chance I get while here. Maybe between now and October they'll get rain or whatever is needed to save the apple crop. I also found out that Aunt Eileen will definitely be here in October, which is good since we already reserved airline tickets for the week they'd planned on initially.

It's been a long day (I didn't get much sleep last night due to making sure I'd be ready to leave on time this morning), and I don't know how much sleep I'll be getting once the horde is here. I'm going to go try to make sure I get at least one good night, especially since there are now pillows made in this decade to sleep on.
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