Cat (willowisp) wrote,


At celebril's funeral, callicrates and I saw some old friends, and he met one I'd spoken of often. We all agreed that we shouldn't wait so long to see one another again, and especially not under those same circumstances.

Steve and his significant other, Hawk, work as contractors in a very specialized field, and generally have cyclical travel patterns. Steve is based in Utica, NY, which is where I met him, Denny, and Heather through blackgryphon. Hawk is based near her reservation in Arizona, and their preferred route puts them on I-40 sometime before New Mexico. Steve promised the next time they traveled to visit Hawk's folks he would stop by here.

Long story short: I finally met Heron and Andy and I have gotten our pooch fix via their English Mastiff, Athena (whom I've been calling Thena all evening, whee). Heidi and Sean are displeased, but seem to be surviving just fine. Athena has a pet kitty at home and really wants to play with them, but sadly they're having nothing of it.

They actually have a rare out-of-season job in Arizona to which they're trying to get as soon as possible. They expect to be there for a few months, and we're already discussing visiting each other at some point or points during their sojourn there. It was really nice seeing them, and I'm happy that they stayed the whole night -- this is their first real stop since they set out, and hopefully sleep will do them good.

Andy has his annual UNC recruiting drive in November, and we'll be going to see Denny then. Now if we could just lure Eric out here, we'll be set, especially if Steve and Hawk are still in AZ at the time.
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