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In Sante Fe

We are on day two of three days at Ten Thousand Waves. I tried two new things so far, plus a massage callicrates set me up for in secret. My shoulders had been sore for the past few days; Andy and I are fairly certain it was a new pillow. Yesterday it was finally feeling better, but the massage brought it back. The herb wrap was interesting, though. Between the Jiffy Pop metallic blanket I was under and the salt glow I'm getting tomorrow, I'm going to be really empathizing with popcorn by the end of this trip.

Anyway, the herbal wrap was very hot, but oddly I didn't seem as badly off as I am in high heat. I don't know about losing any toxins, but I was happy at the end. I may have gotten some sleep. Today I tried my first facial. I have always been skeptical about any possible changes, but Andy says it had an effect. It does feel softer, though, as did my skin after my salt glow last time. Some exfoliation was involved in the facial, which may explain that.

We've had twice in the waterfall pool, with a third scheduled for tomorrow. I love it not only for the waterfall, but also because they keep the temperature in the body heat range. The other pool we tried last time was about 120 degrees F and I was ready to get out long before our time was up. Tonight for dinner Andy ran to Whole Foods and got some burger meat and baby carrots. There is a grill in the courtyard of our on-site room, and he outdid himself. I haven't had a burger that good in ages, and given the standards he's set, that's saying something.

The room we're in is called Sailor Moon, although the theme is more high tech than anime. The high-tech faucets took half hour to figure out, but it's made up for by the huge two-person shower. The other incredible perk is a starfield over the daybed. Today while in the gift shop I mentioned the starfield and it turned out the employee who was helping me designed it. He's pointed Andy and me to a site which sells pre-made kits. Poing!

Tomorrow we get to see the kitties again. We've had fun, but I'm looking forward to foozling them silly.
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