Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Nine Years

On Wednesday, April 11th, callicrates and I celebrated our ninth anniversary. It was fairly quiet; I gave him some marbles made from goldstone and tiger eye which I had bought for him for some former holiday and had promptly forgotten about.

For dinner we went out to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant chain which he'd tried at esmerel and merlin's recommendation when he was in California. We had the full course, with cheddar for the beginner, broth for the meats, and s'mores for the chocolate. It was all very yummy, and I got one of their teddy bears to celebrate. I was happy to see that the bear sales benefit St. Jude's. They also gave us some word refrigerator magnets, a happy anniversary card, and took our picture.

Afterward we went home, goofed off, and foozled the kitties. Andy also took Thursday and Friday off, so we had more time to do things together. After all the travel at the beginning of the year, just staying home and being together was a wonderful change.
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