Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Open Invitation

A few years ago callicrates' birthday occurred on a Saturday. I noticed this a year and a month in advance, contacted his closest friends from college, and we managed almost to surprise him for his birthday. This year (well, actually, last year) I wasn't quite so on-the-ball, but hopefully there may still be time to pull something together. People who have been interested in visiting New Mexico, seeing our house, meeting one or the other of us (for those who only know one or the other), or who just want to help celebrate his birthday are welcome. Please let me know via comment or email if you're interested.

  • Date range: Friday, September 1st through Sunday, September 3rd, with the actual birthday being on the 2nd. We would also welcome people to arrive earlier and/or leave later.
  • Place: Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Event: Birthday and belated housewarming (no gifts necessary; just seeing you covers that)
  • Details: Andy and I bought the house with the intention of having out-of-town friends over. We have three spare bedrooms, one of them cat-free for those with allergies, with real beds and all of that fun stuff. We also have a ton of floor space which could convert to crash space. For those no longer in the eternally-broke student category, we could check out hotels for people; since the Balloon Fiesta is in October, the rooms probably won't cost as much as the GNPs of some small nations.

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