Cat (willowisp) wrote,

And now for something completely different

Those who read callicrates' journal know that we pinned down what had been causing some un-fun digestion issues: my sole diabetes medication at the time, and a rather virulent allergy to corn, which had been my main wheat replacement in pastas and such. Again with the whole thinking it was dairy since I nearly always had dairy and corn at the same time.

Since switching to two other diabetes medications my blood sugar has seemed to stabilize, as has my digestion. On the other hand, some 20 lbs I'd lost when the problem was at its most severe have returned. While this is probably for the good, as someone who was obese even after I lost that weight it is a bit disappointing.

Please send prayers/good thoughts/good vibes Georgia-ward. Andy's uncle will probably not be returning home from this hospital visit, and a miracle or two would be welcome; especially if it means Andy's uncle will be able to attend Andy's cousin's wedding in August.

Heidi and Sean are still around, and Andy and I often joke about our house having a little ghost. Heidi may finally be settling down, though she still has a distressing knack for walking on keyboards at the worst possible time. Sean still knocks over glasses when given the chance, and I'm not all convinced that the other spills might not be due to kitty telekinesis. He has adopted a stretchy silver string which we got at some point or other. He and Heidi love when I toss it and they can play fetch. Andy calls it Sean's teddy string.

I have a little mini-peddler thing which I'm using for exercise until we get an elliptical. Except when I manage to lift it entirely off the floor it's doing quite well. I especially like it since the peddles are large enough to handle my fuzzy slippers.

I've gone nocturnal now. Not that I really wasn't for my whole life, but now we've just decided that it's not worth fighting. I spend time with Andy while he goes to sleep, then get up and putter around. I sleep while he's at work. It seems to be helping, since I'm no longer tossing and turning all night, then being unable to stay awake during the day.

People still need to come visit. We got a house with spare bedrooms and everything, so help us justify their existence. For those with cat allergies we have kept one room more-or-less kitty free, including an air mattress, blankets, and pillows therefore. Balloon Fiesta is a good excuse to visit in early October. Avoiding Balloon Fiesta traffic and bustle is a good excuse to visit from mid-October until late September.

I think that's about all for now.
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