Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Merry Mix-Up

[Note: When callicrates and I married we both were the same ring size. Both of us have lost weight since then, but our bands will take some doing to re-size, so we've been using ring sizers I can get easily through the folks who supply my jewelry-making habit. The engraving on the rings is identical, and we've not been married long enough to wear down the rings noticeably, even though we both wear them nigh on constantly. Unfortunately most ring sizers are meant for rings rather than bands, and therefore the only type I can get are flimsy at best. Even with the sizer, my ring has occasionally slipped off, though in the past I've always noticed when it happened. At any rate, while the bands are functionally identical, we've both had the sizers adjust slightly differently. It's not enough to notice unless we are looking for it specifically.]

A few days ago I took off my wedding ring and set in on a table or counter, thinking of how nice it was that I didn't need to worry about some kitty hiding it for me. I didn't see it again until this evening.

In the meantime I did the most thorough combing that our bedroom has probably ever had including removing blankets and the flat sheet; went through the bathroom a dozen times; checked the cupholder in the elliptical in case I had taken it off before exercising; checked every pocket on my pants and exercise shorts...repeatedly, and even if I hadn't worn them yet; and checked every surface in the kitchen, living rooms, craft room, and rooms I hadn't even been in. I even went out and checked any vehicle I might have been in, since Emily noted that she sometimes took hers off and put it in the little handle/cubby hole thingies; and called the folks we visited on the 23rd in case it had somehow fallen off there without my noticing.

We needed to do laundry tonight, and when I went to take the whites out of the dryer, there was a ring sitting on the lint filter. I went and showed Andy immediately. As I thought about it more, I wondered if it could possibly have been in my pockets, since the exercise shorts (washed with the whites) have fairly shallow pockets; not the type which could possibly hide a ring. I mentioned it to Andy, and he checked the rings. He determined that indeed he had mine. He probably put his in his exercise shorts pocket (also washed with the whites), then showered and put mine on. I never thought to check his pockets when I was turning places upside-down.
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