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Health Addendum Take II

I got the testing orders in Wednesday's mail. The prep for the colonoscopy is going to make life even more interesting than it is when dealing with what I can and can't eat. On the other hand, I imagine I will have far less trouble than many people because I'm already, for want of better words, used to it. Even before the allergies were diagnosed I cooked our food from the most basic ingredients I could, so even though I didn't grow the tomatoes myself, I knew the tomato puree had only tomatoes and water, and so forth. In the last few days it will less be trying to make sure the corn, nuts, and seeds aren't buried somewhere in the ingredients list, but more that I have to remember not to add them to anything. And no maltitol, which is corn-derived, or corn starch, which I use by default in place of "flour as thickening agent".

My kidney readings were exactly where they need to be, which from a diabetic perspective is a relief. My liver enzymes were reading high, but that less surprised me than invoked a sense of deja vu. As this whole saga progresses, it continues to follow the script from the eggs/wheat episode, down to which readings were high. I called the NP yesterday and she said that I am almost certainly not gluten intolerant, though my body is still unhappy when introduced to it. Anything short of full-blown Celiac is just fine by me.

She wants to check whether I have hepatitis B or C, as well as check iron levels and CED rate. It turns out the requisition for blood work which I had received on Wednesday had not been ordered by her, but by the attending (or whatever they call the doctors who check over what the NPs have done). She sounded rather confused (and, to my untrained ear, perhaps nonplussed), but he had more or less ordered all the tests she had planned to, with one exception. She said to check that one before I went in for the bloodwork. I'll be going for the testing later today; I have no idea how much blood they'll need for all the various tests. I guess there may be another cocktail party for vampires over the weekend.

I haven't had an attack since the weekend. This is especially significant considering that I had been trying to induce one on Monday. I needed to give a final sample but hadn't been in a position to collect it during the last few attacks. I went to a local pizza shop and ordered a roast beef sub with cheddar and mayo. It turns out they seriously skimped on the mayo, and managed to do so enough that they came in under my egg threshold, which still boggles me. Although my body did remind me the next day that I had eaten wheat while attempting to induce the attack, the amount was well under my wheat-attack RADAR, and Immodium was enough to remove any chances of an attack. I managed to get the sample Tuesday, but not in the presence of an attack, and I've had absolutely none since. I'm wondering if it just took that long to get all of the milk out of my system or something.

Speaking of milk, they didn't test my blood samples for milk allergy. I'll have to wait until the breathalyzer test on August 26th; plus however long it takes them to analyze the results afterward. I suppose I could try drinking a glass of milk or having some fettuccine Alfredo to see what happens, but I rather like this "No attacks" thing. I think for now I'll just apply the "If it walks like a duck" theory and continue avoiding dairy.

Quick question for any medical types reading this: mom is chronically anemic (they've tested her for all sorts of silent-killer type things which be associated with anemia, by the by; she is under a doctor's care on a regular basis) to the point where she hasn't been able to give blood in years despite taking iron supplements and eating iron-rich foods. I had always figured that I should stock up on iron as well, even though anemia has never been a reason I was turned down for giving blood. After hearing that I might be storing iron I checked my daily vitamin, and it contains 100% of the RDA. Would switching to a pill without iron potentially help? I plan on asking the NP this as well, but in the meantime I just wanted to see if that's one of those things which seems intuitive to a layperson but to people who have actually studied medicine, isn't quite so cut and dried.
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