Cat (willowisp) wrote,

It's been a long day, but not a bad one. After Andy exercised we did grocery shopping (including picking up some freebies after collecting register tapes for fourteen weeks) and picked up a pizza for lunch/dinner. Andy worked some more on his dissertation (surprise, surprise), while I took a walk. Since it was much earlier than usual I saw some birds and more people than usual, including one guy apparently trying to crack the pavement or set a noise record by bouncing his basket ball. On round four Cornelius demanded kitty tax, and I saw a bunny grazing.

When I got home I undid any good the walk did while baking Andy's cake or, more specifically, making the fudge icing. The cake-making itself was sort of wistful, since I was using up the last of the box mixes I bought before the diagnosis in January. I wrapped the presents which are here already and got some other stuff arranged. His birthday really snuck up on me this year, probably due to everything going on, but hopefully he'll enjoy what I managed to pull together.

Once done with birthday arrangements I purchased plane tickets for him and me for October, and looked around for some opals I'd set a while back. I've decided to try to give gold-filled settings a try, so I had to unset the silver part. Now if I can just figure out how to photograph them for eBay. Finally, after I'd unset the opals, I began searching for some flower beads and cleaning in the process. I gave Regina a necklace and bracelet set for her birthday during the fateful visit, and within hours it was broken (she has a chewing habit). To her credit she found most of the beads -- something like six or seven are missing, and I needed to find the rest of the lot so I could replace them. Several hours later I finally succeeded.

A moth somehow got in today, and I brought it to Gail's attention. The results had both Andy and me helpless with laughter a few times -- she's such a cute hunter-stalker. Then Thena came in and also saw the moth, and we watched synchronized cat-head motions. I'm not sure whether they got it or it just stopped moving and they lost interest, but the incident appears to be over.

I decided to take a late walk to undo some of the icing damage. On round one I saw a bunny, and on rounds two and three I saw two bunnies -- one skittish, the other silly. The walk was otherwise even more quiet than usual: no attack moths, Cornelius was in for the night, and only some people seeing visitors off were outside. It was also cool at first, though by the time I finished I was overheated as usual. The walk was worth it, though; I just checked my blood sugar and it's 116. Now I'm scritching a placid Foo on the box behind my monitor as I wait for Andy to wind down a bit, and yawning frequently. I could use more days like this.

[Update: Regina found all but three pinks, one orange, one green, and two purples.]
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