Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Vague Update

Sean had his annual inoculations last month, and his teeth cleaned on Friday. His gums were rather inflamed, which concerned the vet because Sean is so young. In NC, every year the dental was a given. Here, it's when-needed. I love our vet. Sadly, Sean lost a tooth. The vet kept it and gave it to me, and it looked awful. I also asked if I had to take it, and they said no. Pill pockets work, at least for Sean. I'm not sure they will for Heidi, since she seems indifferent to them; so much so that Sean finishes his spiked one and his placebo, then trots over and eats Heidi's. Of course this might mean we've found that Holy Grail of cat owners -- treats which one cat adores and the other won't eat. It also may mean that we'll have to give Heidi pills the hard way.

I've finished the most recent Harry Potter book. Those keeping a special friend-setting for people who can discuss the book are welcome to add me, as it'll be percolating for a few days.

We have our back yard, but callicrates covered that, for those who don't read his journal regularly. He also has a tough day tomorrow; please drop in and wish him luck.

I was diagnosed with serious wheat and severe egg (both white and yolk) allergies nearly two years ago. I have a feeling I may be adding to the list soon, and I have a few guesses (better called fears) of what they might be. This time, however, unlike the last, I am not going in convinced of what it is, because last time I was thoroughly sure it was dairy, and dairy turned out to be the only one I was clean on. Andy wants me to get things rolling as soon as possible, in any event, tomorrow if it can be arranged.

Andy will be gone for much of August, and I'll be gone some of it as well, though I believe the cats will only be alone two or three days. I will, among other things, be going to a family reunion. I've already assured my psych that I'll bring along some crosswords and such to keep me from going into the usual "large crowd" panic.

I love thunder, lightning, and the smell of rain. We had some of each today. I hope monsoon season actually lasts for a season this year. Albuquerque rainbows are still some of the most vibrant I've seen.
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