Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Long-Delayed Update

Our HOA contract specifies that our backyard needs to be landscaped within one year of our move-in, though given some of our neighbors' yards, I'm not sure how seriously they take the clause. Of course it also requires us to get pre-approval for any landscaping we do, but I doubt callicrates will take that one at face value.

We're looking into a landscaper recommended by one of Andy's co-workers. While most of their plant choices were not bushes I would consider, they do have a drool-worthy fountain. Of course it's a little larger than we could have, given that the pond itself would end up partially in our living room. The co-worker's yard is about 4-5 times the size of ours. The price he cited will probably be several more times than we'll pay simply because we don't have room to do even a sixth of the stuff he has. I'm waiting for a callback from the initial message I left, but not holding my breath. One of the comments the co-worker had was that the landscaper is so well-recommended that he is less than prompt in returning calls.

Heidi and Sean are doing well. Heidi's nickname has evolved into "Furrfu" (rot-13 it), with a further simplification of "Fu", which is pronounced exactly like Thena's short-short nickname, Foo, was. Thena's was short for "Foofle", though, which has no rot-13 of which I'm aware. Sean is our little guy, lion, or tawny guy. He still knocks over water when he has the chance, but those are far fewer and further between these days. I also found out yesterday that he has a problem which plagues teens of apparently every species out there: acne. I imagine a lot of the tussles these days come from Heidi making fun of him.

Kitty City is still standing and PACA is still pocked with politics. Grayson was adopted again; I keep forgetting to ask if it was by his former folks who returned him in the first place. Adoptions have been reasonably steady, and new cats are slowly appearing. If anyone in Albuquerque needs a cat or two, you know where to find me. We have some sweethearts and some real characters; often with a paw firmly in both categories.

Other than that, life goes on. The other day, when lost yet again, I discovered the NM children's hospital, right here on a street whose name I've already forgotten or perhaps never had, since I was lost at the time. A comment turnberryknkn made about visiting ABQ during interviewing season now makes sense. I'm seriously hoping he'll interview here and, if offered, take the job. I bet he and echoweaver and her hubby would get along very well. He might even be able to help ease the terrible void which lowapproach's departure will leave. Hint, Turnberry Knickknock. Very strong hint.
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