Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Grayson: 3 battles, PACA: 1 war

Yesterday Monica called; the humane trap was free of kitties and even the fish leading up to it hadn't been touched, but he had once again attacked his litter with gleeful abandon. She asked me to bring the tuna we'd not used the night before in lieu of the fresh stuff. She also confided in me that she had an evil plan -- she had asked Grayson's former owner, the owner's daughter, and their dog (with whom Grayson used to play) to come and try to lure him out.

Some five minutes after I got there, a Clark's employee came and told me Grayson had been spotted. I moved things out of the way in hopes I could just pick him up, but he made a run for it. Fortunately Peter was fast and was wearing a very thick long-sleeved sweatshirt. I finally managed to pull Grayson off of him and put Grayson in a different cage, but I had short sleeves and will therefore bear the souvenirs for some time to come.

About five minutes later Monica and the former owners showed up. They chatted with Monica while the dog tried to play with Grayson; the woman mentioned that the dog adored him because he played with her all the time but the other two cats were above playing with a dog. He had been surrendered due to marking his territory, and had been doing so since he was adopted. She had kept putting off returning him in hopes he'd outgrow it.

Monica's theory is that one of the woman's cats is indoor/outdoor, and that Grayson marked territory whenever the cat came in smelling of strange other cats. The little girl was crying as they left, and the mom was teary too. I half-wonder if they may try to give Grayson one last chance, though I have a feeling the mother has resolved not to and will stick to it.

Meanwhile, we have Heidi's brother in our hands now. Monica checked the records, and he was indeed from Heidi's litter. Both of us checked the cage door last night. I'm not sure about Monica, but I know I did more than once. I wonder if he'll become our resident escape artist once he calms down enough to be put into KC.
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