Cat (willowisp) wrote,


I haven't gotten my hair cut since I did the Locks for Love thing a few months ago, and my bangs were nigh on as long as the rest of my hair. Today I rectified that; or rather a nice woman at Great Clips did. She did such a good job that it's not even going to take any time to get used to it. I also finally decided how I'm going to do the window in the craft room -- blue, green, and white lights to tie them in with the garlanded lights in front of the house. Also, I found that we did, in fact, have a string of blue lights left over from last year. I also RTFMed the hooks I was using and saw the part about leaving them to set for 24 hours before using them. I applied them yesterday, so whenever I get the lights together they can be hung. It will probably happen tomorrow since I'm rather tired tonight.
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