Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Our Ghost

Since moving into our house, a few things have happened which seemed somewhat odd -- but not in a bad way. The one which struck me most, at least until now, was one day soon after we fostered Sean but long before we decided to adopt him: we found Heidi and Sean's shared food dish overturned and buried under the mat on which it sits. Heidi had never gone to the lengths to bury her food as Gail did; nor has Sean seemed to, before or since.

After putting up the tree, however, nearly every day the tree has turned itself on. I got an ornament which turns the lights on and off by touch, and every night when I go to bed I turn it off. Nearly every day since, sometimes before we're even up and sometimes during the day, the lights have gone on. Of course there are a dozen logical possibilities, but the one thing which we've noticed is that the lights are always mysteriously turned on -- they've never turned themselves off.
Tags: gail
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