Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was a normal Friday (finally), running errands and such. Of course next week it's going to be disrupted again, but after that we may actually get back into some sort of routine. Hopefully sometime in September we'll be able to do a make-up visit with Denny and Heather, preferably one less fraught with adventure. Once I get back from Rome we may not have to fly again until October, although if an interview or a reason to visit friends on the left coast comes up, I'll happily accompany Andy.

Andy is working really hard on his dissertation. There's one chapter left, some hacking which might get finished this weekend if nothing crashes, and then general cleanup. Since there's no job start date to worry about he can let the schedule slip a bit, though at this point he just wants it to be over with. On September 2nd he's not working on it, though. Two of his birthday presents arrived today, and I'm still holding out a faint hope that UPS will get the other to us a day early.

GNO was here this week. It was a fairly sedate one, just pizza and Junkyard Wars (Scrapheap Challenge for the Brits). It's sort of weird not having Cathy as co-host, though she is still executive producing. I imagine I'll eventually get used to the new woman, and the ads for Cathy's new show looked interesting. I wonder if she'll still be sneaking in science lessons for the audience.

For some reason I've been extra tired all day. It hasn't been this bad since before my various food allergies were diagnosed, but I have none of the other symptoms which occurred then. In deference to the exhaustion I'm skipping my walk and going to bed early tonight, quite possibly as soon as I'm done with this entry.
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