Cat (willowisp) wrote,

You Know You're Becoming Domestic When...

The high point of the prior week or two has been to get household stuff using the 20% off coupon which arrived in the mail. We now have a bunch of pedal garbage cans which we hope Heidi won't be able to knock over; a dust pan for our broom; a rice cooker; a hamper; a bunch of mixing bowls; and random cooking errata. This was round one. round two will probably happen a day or two before the 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond offer expires.

Other than that, we've mostly been trying to keep up routine. There are now four kitties in KC; Q-Tip was returned. Poor guy. I hope Heidi likes him; he's been one of my favorites for a while. I've been kitty-sitting for echoweaver and her hubby, but so far the est I've managed to get is to a point where he was looking at me but not growling and hissing. At least he hasn't beat me up like some cats (cough*Noia*cough) do, though.

I've been coming up with some stuff which will hopefully end up in my gaming journal. Other than that, it's been sort of quiet.
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