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I got a lot of stuff done today. Dishes, four loads of laundry, and tidying up for GNO which will probably be at our place this week. My computer desk still looks like a tornado struck, but at least I generally know where to look if I need to find anything. I may tackle it soon, but for tonight I'm done being domestic.

I did end up doing some more nitpicky stuff on my favorite gem site, including cracking their code for make an offer versus regular item numbering; it's a rot13 for the letters and an offset-by-five for the numbers. Sadly search fails when I tried to search on the MaO numbers, so I still have to find them the long way. I don't think the gem site in question has much to worry about -- I'm an obsessive personality (no, really) with too much time on my hands. Heck, I found one of the gems I want to make an offer on on page 67, and I found them all by looking through the pages until I got to them. Fortunately I wrote down the MaO page number for each of them, so I'll be able to circumvent the painfully slow servers at least partially.

I have a question for the audio-philes out there. It's with regards to the idea I had for giving various grandparents tape recorders and a bunch of blank tapes. Will a $30.00 special at Wal-Mart be sufficient, or should I look into tape recorders made specifically for dictation? Would the difference between the two be appreciable, or is it only something a professional would notice?

Andy's birthday is on Monday. He idly mentioned the idea of not touching his dissertation that day, and tyee made an official announcement that he should not touch his dissertation that day. I guess I'll have to distract him... oh, the horror. His main present, a joint effort between his parents, my mom, and me, isn't scheduled to arrive until Tuesday, though I'd certainly not complain if UPS miscalculated in my favor and delivered it on Monday (I know it's a postal holiday, but I believe UPS still delivers as usual). Meanwhile, two emergency backup presents are due to arrive tomorrow, probably while we're out running errands. I don't have anything elaborate planned, but hopefully what I do have on deck will be sufficient to keep his mind off of work.

I was only attacked by one moth when I left for my walk, but it made up in enthusiasm what it lacked in numbers. It's been drizzling on and off all day, sort of like Seattle the times we've visited. For my walk there was no rain, but it was really muggy. I returned home almost as soaked as I would have been if it'd started downpouring in round six. Speaking of round six, that's when I saw the little bunny tonight. The little critter still hasn't quite gotten the hang of running away, but that just makes it more fun to watch.
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