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Mrs Jevens thinks that Mia (her Aussie who died suddenly three weekends ago) sent Musetta (formerly Sasha) to her. She said Musetta has Mia's eyes, and the puppy certainly clicked for her part.

The plane ride home was blessedly uneventful.

Yesterday I decided to give callicrates some alone time and get some food which might finally tempt Gail to eat. While out I stopped at two local book stores (Pages II and I, respectively) and completely struck out on used D&D stuff, but did find three copies of GURPS books which echoweaver had loaned us when we began playing.

I broke a long-standing tradition by deciding to play Lyrilin, a Wood Elven ranger (keep reading, I promise something is different) without an angsty past. I may well, as of tomorrow, take it one step further and play a Half Elven, well, she calls herself a bard and can certainly hold her own performing. Her past is pretty-much !angst as well. With Qianafae, however, I will be resuming my long line of "fae" characters. Actually I did with Lyrilin, but it shows up in her last name, so it really doesn't count since her nickname isn't "Fae".

Today I bit the bullet and converted all of my browsers to Firebird 0.9. Since there's only one thing on my wishlist which I haven't been able to find, I'm happy.

I also baked brownies from a mix this evening using egg substitute. Unfortunately I once again forgot to check the high altitude instructions.

I have five gmail invitations. I will probably play serious favoritism, but comment if you might be interested.

I can't believe how gaunt Gail looks. Maybe I just had been seeing her decline so gradually that I didn't notice and coming back was a shock. All of her bones are sticking out, and her fur is in complete disarray. Thanks to my inept attempts at administering her Amoxi, she is now four colors: gray, peach, pink, and white. I got some non-bath wipes to use on her, but they're not very good at getting out the pink. Given that she currently distrusts us both due to our administering her meds, I definitely don't want to make it worse by giving her a bath.

I've also decided to stop free-feeding the kitties so I can see how much Gail is really eating. We've basically just been trying to offer her food frequently, and she doesn't seem to be eating enough to maintain, let alone gain, weight. Andy points out that Heidi doesn't seem to eat all that much more than Gail, and maybe I just mis-remember how much she used to eat.

I want to send thanks to all who are holding Gail in your thoughts/prayers/whatever. blackgryphon's healing vibes are working; her count that was at 1.4 is now down to .7, which is the high end of normal. Also, thanks to esmerel for the hint on the chicken livers. I never would have known what to look for, and Gail actually ate a liver and a half yesterday.
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