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Adrenaline Rush for Today

When I went to the airport to retrieve my tickets for puppy.flight, the woman said there had been some changes. She read me the new times and such and I actually liked the return much better. Today I pulled out the tickets to e-mail mom the pertinent information, only to find the departure date listed as 16 June (I was supposed to return on 16 June) and the return listed as 21 June (I have no idea the significance of that date, save for that it's the same number of days from the departure date).

I called United and the really nice woman (I foresee a gushing letter to United) looked at the record, put me on hold for quite a while to confer with her supervisor, and then re-instated me on the original flights. I'll be getting home a bit later, but at least I won't get a really nasty surprise when I grab the puppy (now 26lbs) and head off for the airport.

PS: Gail tried both the regular-flavored milk substitute I got at Clark's and the white cheddar-flavored type. Hopefully between the three there will be enough of something she likes to give her at least some nourishment. Baby food was a no-go.
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