Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Gail Update

Gail's heart rate, temperature, <mumble> palpitation, and breathing are all normal. She's lost some weight, down from 9.4 to 8.6 lbs. Dr Livingstone said her gums are inflamed, but there appear to be no abscesses or anything else which might preclude all eating. He drew some blood and will hopefully get results back by noon tomorrow. He's testing for the usual (scary) suspects, all of which I hope she can't possibly have between prior testing and preventative care.

The teeth cleaning is still on for Thursday pending results from the labwork done today. I went to the local co-op and got some baby food as well as some milk-like formula for senior cats. I haven't tried the baby food yet but Gail took a few laps of the milk-stuff. Tonight while at Clark's I'll probably grab a container of the young cats/high fat or possibly even nursing moms stuff on the theory that she doesn't need to lose any more weight and probably is somewhat vitamin-deprived at the moment.

More news as events warrant.
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