Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I usually post at the end of the day, but I forgot a few things in my rush to get to sleep last night. The most important one, at least to me, is that Aunt Eileen and Kim decided to visit one weekend earlier. This means, among other things, that I'll be seeing Grandpa two weeks after chemo instead of three. It also meant that instead of the $167 fare I'd had locked in for the next weekend, plane tickets were a minimum of $400, more or less. We decided to burn some frequent flier miles -- the penalty for making a reservation for less than two weeks was far easier to deal with than the full fare.

While I was grocery shopping or making dinner yesterday (possibly both), my wonderful husband retrieved the pictures I took over the weekend. He's put them into my LJ photo gallery, so once I've gotten rid of all of the bad examples of photography (cough) I'll post a link to them. I plan on working on that tonight as well as finishing the current phase of my project. Thai Gem, from where I get my pretty shiny rocks, has a "make a deal" section. I'm thinking of seeing if I can make some on this upcoming order. Even if all of the gems together do cost less than one setting, it won't hurt to save some on the gems.

Our kitties were very cute yesterday. First there was Gail, who was sitting on top of the bathroom cabinet watching me as I showered. Partway through she came over to peer at me directly, then abruptly began grooming herself. I wonder if she's finally figured out the correlation between showers and grooming. Even if not, it was cute. The other time was Thena, who has become markedly sillier since we got Gail. Last night she was doing the very silly on-her-back-waving-her-paws-in-the-air thing, and any time it looked like we might pass without paying Foo tax she'd make a cute little pet-me sound. I missed those two almost as much as I missed Andy.
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