Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Side Note

When I first had fake turf show up in my search my immediate thought was "Ew". I remember it being prickly and completely impossible to mistake for real. Of course it's now been some twenty years, maybe more, and technology has improved. The fake turf company has installed many playing fields for schools in the area, and their parent company has done countless golf courses and sports stadiums. Reviews have been uniformly good. Yesterday the guy came over with a sample of the most recent innovation.

My first response was... Ew! It looks a bit better now; in fact I can imagine with enough of it and from far enough away it may even pass as real. The blades, however, were still prickly. This is not stuff I'd want to walk through in anything less than soled shoes. It wasn't quite as expensive as we were fearing, but still there's no way we would go with it, especially since the courtyard is a small enough area that even the thirstiest grass probably would not drive us over the water limit.
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