Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Firefly Imposters

Tonight's a quick entry, since it's already nearly 45 minutes past my bedtime. Today I managed to snag some gifts for Andy at pretty significant discounts. I also found out his main gift won't be arriving until the day after his birthday (sigh). I went grocery shopping, made dinner, and did research on a long-term project I believe I've mentioned in past entries. Oddly enough, it looks like I will be able to buy all of the gemstones (with the exception of the cubic zirconia they're all real, not lab or simulated) for less than one setting. The world of jewelry-making still manages to amaze me on a regular basis.

It rained most of today, the nice steady kind which we've needed so badly. The temperature is giving us a break as well, though I didn't go for a walk today. Due to a grocery store fiasco I believe I got enough exercise. Anyway, I'm looking out the window at the lamp across the street. I keep seeing what looks like fireflies, and last night I saw the huge glowy thing again. I have a feeling that the fireflies I thought I saw the other night aren't really fireflies, but moths whose wings are catching the light at just the necessary angle to appear as if they're glowing. I base this on nothing scientific, just the notice that normal fireflies tend to stay closer to the ground and that I haven't seen a firefly in weeks on any of my walks, even the early ones.
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