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Rain, Rain (Don't) Go Away

Our county has finally been put on mandatory water restrictions as of today. It mostly won't effect Andy and me since we have no lawn to water and rarely wash our car. Still, I wish that any of the recent spate of twenty-thirty minute rains could just hold out a little longer. Thena and Gail have not voiced opinions either way, though I imagine they'd be put out if I pulled the plug on their drinking fountain.

A while ago I ran what I hope will be my last dragon hatching ever, and by way of making it special I gave everyone who stood or had anything to do with the hatching admin-wise a gemstone which I'd based their dragons or their favorite NPC, if they didn't impress. I discovered that two of the Weyrlings lived near me and have met them in RL. After I told people where I got the gems from and offered to go in on orders with anyone who'd want to combine shipping (Thai Gem charges a flat fee no matter how much or how little you order) one of the Weyrlings took me up on it. Since then we've placed two more orders, with today being handover day for the latest. It was nice meeting them for lunch; as much because we'd pooled in to buy some opals and we got to divide them up today.

Other than that life goes on fairly routinely. Thena is currently sitting on the box I put up after I got a flat-panel monitor from Andy's dad. She and Gail were so unhappy to lose one of their favorite perches that I ended up not saving any space at all. At least Thena doesn't dangle her paw in front of where I'm looking like she did with my old monitor...much.

Andy will be spending way too much time at school working on his thesis this week, and next week he's off t Siggraph, which is easily the largest computer graphics conference in existence. He isn't teaching this time, nor did his paper get in, but he plans on chatting with potential employers, plus he'll be seeing some people we met at Merliniel's wedding. I hope he takes it more easy this year than he has the others, and I also hopes he has fun. I am already plotting how I'll welcome him home; arriving at the airport on time is currently the only solid thing I have.

There are no bids on my jewelry set yet (come on, someone among eBay's N million users must want some opal jewelry. Hmph.), but I just placed a bid on some paperweights. The twist is that I really just want the one to give Andy, and I've grown to like one of the others, but if I win I'll probably try to sell the other two in the lot. And there are those extra Animaniacs comics which I accumulated while trying to get the full set. For someone who dragged my feet for so long in doing my first listing I really have been bitten by the bug big time.

I'm definitely just rambling now. I think I'll go off and do some housecleaning or something. Take care, all of you who actually managed to get this far, and I'll probably be seeing most of you around online.
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