Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Big Day

Let's see. When Andy left for work he put Gail in the room and closed the door. It's so nice snuggling with her, especially since other felines who will not be identified like to lick noses and otherwise awaken Andy and me. I managed to get up fairly early regardless, only to discover my blood sugar monitor DOA.

After coffee I did usual Friday cleaning, much to my surprise. I even got the laundry washed, dried, and put away still in the am. A lot of times my usual Friday chores slip, making today a bit unusual in that regard. Andy got home before I had packed the dishes, but I did pack our good set to take over, even if it was largely ceremonial.

While callicrates' journal pretty well sums up the day once he got home, we did manage to replace my glucose monitor's battery, and fortunately that turned out to be the cause of its temporary death. I have a six-year warranty on it, but the paperwork is still among the boxes left unpacked from the NC to NM move.

Then Andy and I achieved the great American delusion of house occupancy. I keep wishing I could bring the kitties to see it, even though I know we should do it once, preferably after everything else has been moved.

Last night I found a great site which listed drought-resistant flowers and I wrote down the names of those I especially liked. Today while Andy was getting steaks at Whole Foods I noticed packets by the same company. Andy forgot to get charcoal, so as a bribe to get me to go back in he said I could get my seeds. I'm sorting them based on when they can/should be sowed. I may well just mix all of the packets of poppy together, since they all have the same requirements, and then just toss them into the ground on Tuesday and see if they make it. I d know I will have to water even the most drought-resistant while they're establishing themselves, but most of them are the "happy to be ignored" type once that has occurred.

While we wait for the next big event (appliances and a whole bunch of other stuff on Tuesday) I've been looking at waterfall fountains for our courtyard and turf/grass options. I am very leery of starting a lawn from seed; in the best of conditions it is a lot of work, takes two-three years to get established, and has a high potential for errors.

Even though Mom and Andy's parents could give us advice, we have the extra issue of trying to start it from seed in the middle of a high-elevation desert. My relatives in the area can't help either, since their yard is completely zero-scaped. If we were in Indiana or NY I might not be so hesitant, but to me it seems that the odds are just stacked too highly against us.

The most common option would be some sort of sod, and I'm currently trying to separate real data from hype with regards to water usage. One problem is that the ABQ site mentions some of the more water-efficient older grasses, but growers of newer hybrids are claiming their products are even more water-wise and also actively dislike fertilizer and over-watering. Whether they're not listed because they're full of it or because the pamphlet was written before they were in wide usage is something I need to figure out. I also think we may have missed the best time for laying it down (in fact the two special water-wise fertilizer-hating hybrids are already sold out as sod and won't be available until next year). Andy seems ok with leaving it until spring 2005, though.

Another option is artificial turf. My first reaction was "Ewwww", having encountered the fake-looking prickly stuff when younger. However it seems to have improved, and more tellingly anyone to whom we mention it here immediately says some variant of "It's really nice". Many schools are now using it on their game fields, and its largest purchaser is/are golf courses. I still want to see and feel it and it is hideously expensive, especially compared to seed.

We're getting an estimate for it on Tuesday and he'll be bringing a sample. Pros are that it's green year-round, has a 15-year warranty, and has an expected life of 30 years. Cons are that it's expensive and fake. The biggest pros, though, are monetary savings for water not used and the fact that I can use the rationed water for flowers and trees. I need to remember to ask the salesguy if artificial turf is included in the ABQ water-saving incentives. We don't have to make the decision yesterday or anything like that, but it's going to be a big one.

I think Andy vaguely promised we would go look at Rowland's, a local nursery, tomorrow. If not maybe I can go and give him some alone-time or something. I'd like to see if they have blue spruces and/or Bradford pears, how much they cost, and if it's a good time to get them. I'd also like to check some flowers for water-hardiness (specifically snapdragons) and if they're not bad, get them already in transplant stage since the seed-growth part looks like it would fall victim to my brown thumb.

It would probably be a good idea to try to get some sleep. We haven't been converted to the swamp cooler yet (you can only run heat or swamp cooler at any one time, and the complex switches them over later in May) so the more I leave lights and such on, the longer it will take for our room to cool off. Not for long, though!
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