Cat (willowisp) wrote,

A Real Update

A lot of time has passed since I did a real update, and although each day seems full, nothing worth writing seems to have happened.

I've caught up with housework in ways I never had before. Hopefully this will carry over once we've moved. callicrates would like to try to keep clutter from ever occurring in the first time, so maybe I can stay caught up.

After all of my going on about blood donation, I was deferred on Saturday; my temperature and pulse were too high. My blood pressure was also relatively high for me; 123/81. My blood sugar in the morning was exactly where it should have been, though -- nowhere near dangerously low, but well within average for fasting.
Maybe that's why I've been so tired.

Our house build manager signed off on the electricity, plumbing, and HVAC, so the only checkbox left is "ready for buyer orientation". We've ordered appliances to go in sometime in the week after closing, though they'll not run the credit check until after we close so the mortgage folks don't freak. I imagine they are very familiar with the situation, since a new house is the canonical reason for needing to buy a ton of appliances.

Kitty City is relatively empty -- only seven cats, and only one of them a fairly young kitten. The honorary kitty, Sasha, still isn't as large as some of the adults in KC. Sasha does firmly believe she's a cat, which causes problems when she tries to leap and ends up plunking on the ground.

I brought Sasha over to the apartment today. Heidi took a few minutes, then remembered the puppy and began grooming her. Gail was still unhappy with the situation, though she did begin the "come out, approach, get to a certain point and run back to the hiding spot" routine.

When we went to donate blood at Whole Foods on Saturday, they were giving out trees for Arbor Day. Apparently they weren't too worried about running out, because they gave Andy and me a total of four New Mexico White Oaks. I finally put them in some pots with soil and water since we won't be able to plant them until May 7th at earliest. I hope they're still alive.

We also got to see a neat "honorary wolf", 13 months old and a huge dog which had become an officially-recognized breed the day before. I believe the breed included the words "Grand" and "Alaskan", but I've forgotten. Unfortunately the dogs are getting shot along with wild wolves in the name of Alaska's management program. I have a post card which I may send to gov Murkowski (the same Murkowski who wanted to eliminate spam by legalizing it; when he was elected governor his daughter took over his senate spot) saying I won't go to Alaska as a tourist until the shootings stop. This would be a valid threat from me, since one of my few "definite must-sees" includes auroras in Alaska; I even know which tour I want to take.

My big project recently (other than something for Andy's Grandmother which I'll post about once we get pictures) has been cataloging our CDs and DVDs. I also intend to do games and software. As I note them I pack them, and Andy has been packing as well. We'll probably snap some digital photos of stuff as we unpack, for insurance purposes.

Andy went to Santa Fe for work purposes on Sunday afternoon and presented today. It went well, though some heckling occurred. He assured me it's all in good nature because these people are a small group who meet every year and are comfortable with one another. He'll be back tomorrow, hopefully before I get home from Kitty City or shortly after I get home. I hope he's happy with what I've done while he was gone.
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