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Seeing my grandparents again wasn't as bad as it could have been. Grandpa seemed better today, and Grandma Shad seemed like her old self. I think they liked lunch, and between all of the various relatives the cookies I brought have largely disappeared. Unfortunately Gerry and Julie couldn't make it, but I did hear from another aunt whom I hadn't seen in ages. I met her new husband, who is very animated. She's offered to make Andy and me period Renaissance clothing so long as we pay for material.

Mom and I went out to Friendly's, an ice cream shop which also does dinners and breakfasts, for sundaes. There are a lot of things which I've forgotten how much I missed. Corn grown locally in fields and picked before it has become tough is one of which I was reminded today. Friendly's hot fudge sundaes are another. Their hot fudge is so good. Afterward we went for a walk, this one the full 3.2 miles. Mt feet have lodged a formal complaint with my brain due to the less-than-stellar footwear, but it was worth it, especially after the ice cream.

Noia again let me pet her today (though at one point she was rubbing her head on my hand while growling), and when mom put her in my lap at one point she let me pet her and actually purred. She's still a demon cat from hell, though. Bandit, Mom's other cat, who doesn't get quite so much press time, is a sweetie. A bit dumb, but sweet. He's not much of a lap kitty; he's more of the "lay on the reading material" type. He's lucky he's cute.

I go home tomorrow. I have no idea if I'll be coming back in September; if my aunt and cousin and my cousin's new baby don't come to visit then the only way to justify the trip would be for another Grandpa.visit, which isn't really fair to Andy. I will be back in October though, hopefully with at least all of my aunts and uncles. There are only three and one of those and my Mom are already in this area; getting together one time for Grandpa's sake shouldn't have to be this hard. I wish more of my cousins could make it. My intuitions are usually (always?) dead wrong, but I have a feeling that this may be the last chance some of them will have to see him.

I can't wait to see Andy again. I've missed him so much. I can't wait to see the kitties either, for that matter, but especially Andy.
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