Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Question for AOL folks

Yesterday I once again tried to e-mail Grandma at aohell, and once again it bounced as no such user. I get that sometimes even when replying to an e-mail I know is valid. Andy is pretty certain they're bouncing mail based on our ISP, which is a national cable provider which has, no doubt, produced its share of spam over the years. Given my hatred of spam I can almost consider it worth it, if it wasn't getting in the way of my talking to my Grandma. So, a few questions:

I've heard aohell has a whitelist function. Is this correct?

Does aohell call the whitelist first?

If there is a whitelist and aohell uses it before its domain-based filter, could someone tell me what to tell Grandma? She's extremely smart and savvy, but sometimes is intimidated by computers.

Thanks in advance!
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