Cat (willowisp) wrote,


Two things of note happened this weekend. The first is that yesterday Andy and I went to Baillio's and ordered our appliances (note to echoweaver: I'm sorry, I had his days off off by one; he has Thursdays and Fridays off, not Fridays and Saturdays). I think Andy liked him, and even with warranties they undercut Lowe's.

Note to folks who visit Lowe's often -- if you notice they're having one of the sales wherein they throw in the pedestals for free if you buy a Duet washer/dryer combo, please let me know; Baillio's will price match that. The Duet washer is the tumble kind my ATWL parter-in-crime, goldenlily, mentioned when I first talked about needing to get a washer.

The second event occurred today, when Myrtice brought the puppy over to meet the kitties. Or to meet Heidi, at any rate. Gail is still somewhat uncertain about this, though she did not hiss or growl at the puppy and has been cuddling up to us since Myrtice and puppy left. When we brought Heidi home, Gail did not want to have much to do with us for a few days. I hope this is a sign that Gail will take to Pandy/Sasha quickly.
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