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Long Time, But Not Much Stuff to Report

Our anniversary got its own review on the 11th. The one update is that Andy has said he finds it easier to breathe after playing The Journey Into the Wild Divine, the game I gave him as an anniversary gift. I'm so glad it's helping, especially now that we have a pretty good indication he has (thankfully early) stages of sleep apnea.

I completely spaced the Eric Schlosser event, for which I beat myself with my copy of Fast Food Nation once I realized what had happened. Fortunately I own the paperback.

The house continues on, and is more thoroughly reported by callicrates.

I did an even more bloodthirsty "take no prisoners" cleaning of the living room the other day. Not only did I manage to squeeze out more garbage, but I also put the important papers in their place. Gail and Heidi both tried to file themselves into the important papers box but were duly thwarted.

Kitty City has become more lively. Now that "seniors for seniors" month is over, many of the kittens (now teenagers) have been returned. Honda and Suzuki were adopted the other day. I still need to update the KC web page pretty drastically, like, say, all of March and what's occurred of April so far.

The first weekend in April I told Andy I had given up on the notion of my Australian Shepherd (Aussie) therapy dog for a while, at least until we got a second car so I could get her trained properly. Fate was listening and laughing. On Tuesday the 6th, Myrtice was at KC because someone had abandoned a puppy in the yard of an employee from the other Clark's. Due to a lapse in communication they missed one another, but she got it the next day.

Jill and her daughter Julie came in on the 8th, and Julie stayed outside and held up a puppy who very strongly resembles an Aussie. The pet store manager says she's a cross between an Aussie and a Guinea pig.

Oddly enough, most people who look at the pictures seem to think she's an Australian Cattle Dog (ACD; Heeler), possibly purebreed, rather than a Shepherd (a few think she's a cross, and one or two holdouts think she's pure Aussie), while everyone who has seen her in real life has pegged her as an Aussie. She's only a month old, so that may contribute to the confusion, as might the issue of my photography.

Anyway, Julie had the puppy for the long holiday; I believe her intention was to get Jill to fall for the puppy and let her (Julie) keep her (the puppy). Jill resisted the cute rays and on Monday Myrtice got her back. On Tuesday she and Monica had to come in to get Honda, who had been adopted sight unseen, and I phoned and asked her to bring the puppy in. She did.

I thought the puppy looked like a Sasha and wanted to call her that, but Myrtice had her heart set on Panda. My compromise is to call her Pandora, Panda or Pandy for short. We'll know more about her breed in a month or so; if she's a heeler her ears should prick up fairly soon. In the meantime, Andy has pegged her as "Purebred cute". Andy got to meet her in person on the 13th, when she was all tuckered out after 90 minutes of being cuddled and handed around to various adoring puppy folks and being photographed again by me. She plays well with kitties and with ferrets.

We don't know if we'll be adopting her. Andy does not want to do so on impulse, and I can appreciate that. He also doesn't want to bring her home until June at the earliest. Since the earliest Myrtice would let her go would be May, that's probably not much of a problem. Despite her calling Pandy "the twit puppy", Myrtice is as besotted as the rest of us, and she is well aware that I want first refusal on the little sweetie.

I have suspected from the beginning that Pandy may have been a puppy mill purebreed, eg one bred solely to be sold as a purebred rather than one bred by a hobbyist who wants to improve the breed. A hobbyist would never abandon a puppy who doesn't conform to color standards but would instead sell the puppy on a spay/neuter contract as a pet-quality puppy, and would lose money in the process.

Pandy's coat looks white, but is actually for the most part blue. It's faint, but it's already beginning to darken and will continue doing so through puppyhood. Still, if merle Aussies are bred to one another, 25% of the litter may be lethal homozygous, which means a lot of white and usually deafness and/or blindness. A hobby breeder wouldn't let a merle to merle breeding happen except under extreme circumstances, both of which are accidental. A puppy mill breeder, on the other hand, wouldn't care, but would need to get rid of any lethal whites. I suppose if this is what happened, we should be grateful that the breeder abandoned her in the yard of a pet store employee whose chain works with a no-kill rescue organization.

Since the heeler possibility was mentioned I've done some research on ACDs. Aussie Shepherds as well as Australian CDs have breed problems with regards to hips and eyes. I had at first suspected that Pandy might be deaf, but I'm pretty sure now that she's not. Any which way, I'll need to get her hips certified if I want to adopt her; it would be cruel to try to make her try to do visitations if she's in pain. And, for the record, even if she turns out to be a cross or even a dog with no Aussie in her, I'll still be interested in her.

Pandy is very quiet and calm but not afraid of people, which is exactly what I want for a therapy dog. I sort of think the timing, her (possible) breed, and her personality are something of a sign. Needless to say, I'm going to be following Pandora's progress very carefully in the coming month.
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