Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Day's Done

Today was really nice, despite a near-miss. I got Andy a video game which he wants to get me to play. It's apparently completely non-combat and has some sort of bio-feedback.


He got me the unabridged audio versions of the first two Lemony Snicket books... performed by Tim Curry.


Anyone who wants to indulge will have to come visit now, won't they?

In order to give Andy some alone time (after the near-miss of remembering Clark's was closed today) I went shopping for the week. I think I remembered everything, though if I didn't I imagine it won't take long to figure out. I also picked up a prescription from Walgreens.

As I was coming in from shopping the phone started ringing, and Andy got it before I did (I love our wireless phone with its second receiver), but I saw from caller ID that it was Walgreens. I checked the bag, figuring I'd dropped the prescription, then realized I'd received someone else's. I put the receipt and pills on the counter and went upstairs to get into dinner clothes. Andy figured I was home just after I'd brushed my hair and came to tell me about the phone call. All they'd told him was to have me call (I imagine due to the new privacy stuff), so I filled him in on what happened.

We went out to dinner at Black Angus, which had a really nice "Come check us out" coupon for a fillet mignon dinner for two. Mine was very tender and juicy, though Andy's was lackluster. The cake, however, was incredible. It did not look like the usual avant-gard-type thing, just a Borg ship-shaped hunk of chocolate cake, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a little pitcher of hot fudge. Would that all such restaurant desserts put taste over form. This stuff was just incredible. It may be my favorite "chocolate thing" ever. And I want their hot fudge recipe; it is exactly the same flavor I remember from when Grandpa worked at Friendly's and would bring home gallon containers of hot fudge. Nostalgia, if bottled, could make someone millions.

Afterward we went to Walgreens to return the other woman's pills. The clerk had already gone home, but the Pharmacist on duty said he'd been freaking out and had called every single female customer who came in that day. They returned the money for her prescription and voided out the copay on mine to thank me for making the extra trip. I told him to apologize to the other woman and that I hope I got it back in time. He said that the other woman had gotten her prescription already and this would go into inventory.

I'm glad I didn't cause anyone suffering; next time I'll check the bag before I leave. I think the pharmacist and his assistant were fairly relieved that I seemed to be taking this in good humor. After reading customers_suck so often and seeing how freaky pharmacy customers can be, the fact that I wasn't threatening to sue and put up a web site may have been the exception.

After we got home we popped in the Looney Tunes Golden Collection and watched one of the specials; a Toon Heads episode of lost shorts. Now I understand why I never saw any Private Snafu stuff; until the Toon Heads show they had never appeared on TV, nor had they been shown to civilians. Theodore Geisel was the writer for the one shown, and the rhyme scheme would have given it away even if we hadn't been told about it beforehand. Then we watched a few Bugs Bunny shorts and "Feed the Kitty", which I'd wanted to watch again after Andy told me how a scene from Monsters Inc included Sully mirroring one Marc Antony scene.

I just realized that since Clark's was closed, I didn't get this week's haul of canned food. I believe I'll dump a can of tuna in their bowl, yell "fire in the hole", and flee upstairs before the kitties figure out what's up. I do know (via cathealth) that fish may be bad for them, but I figure once in a great while won't cause any serious problems.
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