Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Update of Sorts

I haven't really done an update in ages, mostly because life has been fairly unremarkable. I still also need to summarize the rock show in my other journal, and that was the biggest excitement in the recent past. Yesterday I did a take-no-prisoners cleaning of the living room, with the end result that I'm having trouble typing due to all of the shouldn't-be-tossed-but-doesn't-have-home stuff whose temporary quarters are on my desk. Having Heidi sitting on my arms isn't helping much either.

Today I did laundry, then took off to give callicrates some alone time. I went to Krispy Kreme and got donuts for PACA and potential house.workers, then stopped at Clark's and got pictures of a new guy named Sylvester and two one-week-old kittens who are too young for Myrtice to leave at home while she supervises adoptions.

I also made sure the Clark's staff knew about the donuts early, since our teenage volunteers have typical teen-aged-with-great-metabolisms appetites. Have I ever mentioned how much I love our teen volunteers? They did the excellent job redecorating Kitty City over the December break and are just really wonderful people. People who condemn all teens need to meet ours; they would have to change their minds.

The black and white older kitty was traumatized but they wanted to put him into the city, so I offered to come back and sit with him after checking the house. The house, especially the garage, has changed significantly since our visit yesterday. There are no longer doors in the garage; they're all hanging in the house now. I sort of wish they had left the finish natural rather than painting, although I suppose Andy and I are fairly uncommon in that respect. In place of the doors, a bunch of cabinetry had sprung up in our garage garden; Andy is guessing from the pictures that it's quite possibly our whole kitchen sitting there.

I went back to KC and retrieved Sylvester from the litter boxes. He was not a happy kitty and I'm glad I had a towel to wrap him in. He did manage to get me a few times, but I was also to pet him for quite a while and even got him to sleep once or twice. I stayed as late as I could, but I had to leave at before five since we had a game at six and we had to eat. At least I got two hours in at KC, even if earlier than usual. I had felt sort of guilty about skipping out entirely as had been the original plan.

Gail has been actually lap-sitting the past two days. She will often climb into my lap and beg for scritches, but she very rarely lies down. Yesterday she did for quite a while, and when she got up it wasn't to leave but to turn around and settle down again. Tonight again she did it. I'm not sure what's gotten into her, but I am very happy. She is by no means aloof, but I always wished she would be a lap kitty. Maybe she just needed to decide when was the appropriate time. Of course, she has sat in our laps on rare occasions, so this may just be a quick phase. At least she also likes curling up next to us, especially when Andy has an afghan draped around his shoulders.

I don't know why, but tonight I suddenly started crying while looking at pictures of Thena. When she died there were six pictures of her and Gail on the flash card, and Andy takes care not to remove them even though we have them offloaded. I was just scrolling back and got to her picture and the tears just came. After we got home Andy and I reminisced about two endearing qualities Thena had which haven't been adopted by Gail or Heidi: chewing on buttons (though it annoyed Andy in a fond way back then) and drinking from the fountain such that her head got all wet. For how much she hated being bathed, I could never understand why she voluntarily got her head soaked.

For those just joining us, I have trouble crying. I rarely physically can, even when a good cry would probably make me feel better. When I do cry it's always sudden and usually brief; I cried once at my Grandfather's (read: Dad's) funeral when no one was in the room, and once briefly for Granddad's funeral earlier this year. When Thena died I cried almost nonstop for three days, and then just dried up. It is literally something worth noting for me, if only so I can go back and convince myself that I can actually cry and I'm not just some inhuman freak.

Last night we had a gorgeous thunderstorm with lots of brilliant flashes and rain and wind. We got all of April's usual rainfall last night, and it rained quite a bit today. There were some clear moments, but never really enough that the rain actually stopped, at least until after I got out from KC. It's been very windy; I was fighting the wheel on the way home from KC, and when Andy was driving there were a couple of times when I felt like we were on one of those low-impact rides they use when showing films of space and trying to evoke the feelings of being in a rocket ship. It's still windy now and I think it's raining again. I hope it keeps up; Andy has a much easier time sleeping in rain. Maybe this will help mitigate his recent insomnia.
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